13 Decks ~ A Collage Within A Collage


This is my first blog! I’m a little excited and a little nervous. I’ve been waiting for just the right topic. Although there are so very many…  I procrastinate and am never sure of myself. This weeks photo challenge has given me just the inspiration I’ve been looking for! I love photography, collages, and tarot! A perfect opportunity for me to get in the game, the blog world that is.

I’ve created a collage of 13 Tarot decks. While editing, I zoomed in on the top left corner and the strangest thing happened…

A smaller picture of my photo appeared on the left hand side of the original photo. How cool is that! I don’t know how this happened as it has never happened before. I tried a few more times to see if I could figure out exactly how this occurred. Nothing.

A mysterious fluke I guess…

Although I like to think of it as something more than that. A sign from spirit. A sign that this is my call to get in to the blog!

So here I am!

Got game!?!


via Photo Challenge: Collage



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