Citrus Magick

Ha! Procrastination has taken over again. I’m a little late for the Lughnasadh spread I wanted to create, although, I may still endeavor the challenge. Especially because others are gathering for celebrations this weekend here in the states, therefore, I do have time. Ah, a blessing in disguise.

For now I’ve decided to join another weekly photo challenge. This weeks Elemental theme has inspired me and sparked my creativity. I do not have that magnificent shot. I do have a pleasant photo of my personal “Citrus Magick” that I’m going to share with y’all.



Just a little orange that fell from the tree early this year. When this happens I sometimes cut them up and infuse my water. The hubby likes to eat them. I’ve been looking forward to creating a magical citrus candle and this weeks photo challenge has inspired me once again to ante up and get in the game.

I’m impressed with myself and feeling blessed. I’ve created a workable candle from my favorite fruit!
 I chose this image for this weeks photo challenge because I relate all the elements (air, fire, water, earth and spirit) within this image. Air helps keep the flame going, without it there would be no fire. Fire is the obvious. Water is the juices of orange. Earth is the orange, the product of our labors. Spirit is very present here as well. Many blessings have gone into the care of growing this orange, not to mention those in the crafting of this candle along with my intent and will. Which is exactly what makes it Citrus Magick!

Yes I’ve got game!


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