Exploring The Ace of Swords ~ Tarot Spreads

Wow! It’s been quite a spell since I last blogged here. I’ve had my nose to the grind in tarot courses. Studying avidly and molding my personal style. You can usually find me on Facebook. Where I’m busy crafting my tarot journey through eJournal, my page, The Taroz Buzz. My handle? @420Tarot of course! It’s a great place to better orgaize my study, practice and projects. I also spend alot of time in Facebook Community Tarot Groups. These are a great place to meet like minds and share tarot. I’m always seeking new insights into the Tarot. I’ve grown significantly from having the support of other group members.
Which brings me here today, to share a blog in a group project from Ethony’s Tarot Readers Academy Facebook Group. We are examining the Suit of Swords. This project includes creating a tarot spread for each of the Sword cards.
My card is the Ace.
I’m not going to go into details of the meaning of the Ace of Swords, just a list of correspondences and then straight to my spreads. Please pardon my sketching ability, this too a work in progress. And please feel free to comment with your thoughts and suggestions. Your feedback is appreciated.

Correspondences of the Ace ~
“I Think”
One/Masculine.- Seed, beginning, a bright idea
Swords – Mind, Masculine/Yang
Element – Air
Zodiac Signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Archangel – Raphael (East/Air, God Heals, Green)
Chakra – Crown (7th – Violet)
Gemstones – Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Moonstone, Sugilite
Time – 0° Libra thru end of Sagittarius (September 23 – December 21)
Conjoint powers of Venus, Mars and Jupiter
Tarot – Yes
Ace of Spades Birth Dates (53 card deck) – Jan 13, Feb 11, March 9, April 7, May 5, June 3 and today July 1

Tarot Spreads for the Ace of Swords

Although the Ace is often a delight there are times when it’s message is not so pleasant. Making what should be clear uneasy to decipher. So here’s a few tarot spreads to help you better understand the Ace of Swords and it’s message.

Whether it’s good news, a new idea, a spark of communication or an aspiring dream. (Crown Chakra or Injury) These spreads can help you cut through the bs and find the Ace’s best potential.


Sprouting the Seed
1) How can i best utilize this “new idea”?/
What information am I receiving?
2) What can I avoid to best grow this seed?/
What is distracting me?
3) What best feeds this seed?/
What I can focus on to grow this seed?
4) Outcome

5) *Bonus card – Enlighten My Crown (chakra)

James Dean as The Ace of Doom
Image from hollywoodtarot.com by Melanie Bacon

The double edge…
How to know when the sword is giving you the finger. Sometimes this ace is not so pleasant and could represent things like injury, surgery and apparent doom …


Talk to the Hand
1) What is thumbs up about this aspect of the ace? (Aye okay)Thumb
2) What I need to know? (Put my finger on) Index
3) What I can embrace?(guidance) Ring
4) What secret will be shown? (Advice) Pinky
5) How can I best heal/grow/move (F)orward from this? Middle
6) Outcome/(U)nderstanding Middle
***F orward U nderstanding

Ace of Swords for The Crown Chakra

The Ace of Spades is said to be the most spiritual card of the deck. The Boss card, a symbol of ancient mystery representing transformation.
Spirituality and the Crown Chakra include angel communication, divination, intuition and astral travel. Having a balanced Crown Chakra helps achieve enlightenment.

A positive affirmation you can use with spread ~
“Clear my thoughts and guide my words. Unblock and heal my crown. Show me truth and clarity from here on.” *repeat 7Xs

Stock illustration a watercolor by Elizaveta Ruzanova

Tap My Crown

1) Clarity, for knowledge/enlightenment ~ I Understand
2) Silence, how I can meditate/best silence my mind
3) Trust, how to honor and trust my intuition, beauty and forgiveness
4) Focus and Visualize, my best mind and train of thought
5) My Universal Connection
6) Peace and Serenity, my comfort zone, grounded and emotional contol
7) A Message from Spirit (set intent for guide, pack animal, angel, ancestor, deity…)

Additional information –
More on the Doom card

Info on the Ace of Spades as your birth date card

Not born today? No worries, find your card here.
The Cards of Life Birthday Chart


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