The Earth of Air ~ An International Tarot Day Investigation 2018

Surprise! Here I am again! Twice in the same week, can you believe it! ??

Frankly neither can I. Writing is not my strong suit. And although I’ve got game, I don’t feel it’s in a blog. But I’ll keep trying until I find my niche.

So what brings me here so soon you wonder. Well it’s another tarot inspired project. This time for International Tarot Day. I’ve joined a group effort in investigating tarot, one card at a time. My card this time is the Knight of Pentacles. Whom I have invoked for this challenge to ensure that I get the job done!

I am so grateful to be apart of this project by Oephebia from Tarot and Kitties in celebration of this year’s Second Annual International Tarot Day! Thank you for including me!

Here’s my summarized investigation…

Knight of Pentacles

Seeking his Way through the Material World

His Motto “I Can!”


And he shall! No longer investigating his way but now responding, The Knight’s actions cause him to nurture before he can master his element. He has performed his experiments and now moves forward in the Material Realm, taking action and challenging what he’s learned. His realm is that of family, traditions and values. His is a world of earthly pleasures and honoring what he loves, making him reliable, dependable and his trustworthy. He’s not a big fan of showing his emotions. His job is that of providing and protecting. He will go without to ensure that others don’t have to.

KnP Rx

The Shadow Side
The Knight of Pentacles can be bossy, greedy, and possessive. A bore who’s predictable, routine, and old fashioned. He’s often a workaholic and can be abusive.

As a Person
Someone who has dark hair and eyes. Ages 18-35. A casual dresser who is patient and hardworking. (Often a messenger)

In a Reading
He represents Common Sense, Responsibility, Patience, Hard Work, Determination and Perseverance. We see this build through the Minors 7, 8, and 9 of Pentacles.

Making of the KnP.jpg

Depending where the Knight falls in your spread his message varies. He can be an actual person or bring attention to a part of your own personality.

He’s also known as the card of the future businessman. Possibly someone just starting out after college, making their way and their own mark in the material world.

Below is a list of Characteristics of the Knight of Pentacles


Description and Symbols
The dark haired Knight dressed in shiny armor ( has not seen battle) rides (action) upon his strong black horse (apocalyptic horse of famine- going without for the well being of others) holding out a pentacle (his earthly pleasures) in front of him. (for others to admire and respect) His horse wears red reins (passion, vitality and strength) and has an oak leaf upon his crown (strength, endurance and longevity)(deep wisdom and a doorway to the underworld) just like that of his master. There’s a huge Yellow (intelligence and optimism) glow in the background that towers above the newly plowed fields (a bountiful harvest), and distant trees (2, trees of knowledge). The mountains (his aspirations) in the back are not the tallest of heights but they are fertile and plentiful. The Knight prepares for comfort, of himself and of his horse with a blanket he carries with him. He looks forward to the future.

Reliable, Dependable, Trustworthy, Stable, Loyal, Hard Working, Healthy Lifestyle, Patient, Responsible, Honest, Likable, Friendly, Approachable, Common Sense, Protective, Providing, Ambitious, Worthy, Faithful, Disciplined, Practical, Generous, Steadfast, Strong, Sturdy, Solid, Conservative, Methodical and an Animal Lover

Materialistic, Greedy, Possessive, Stubborn, Irresponsible, Impractical, Simple, Boring, Routine, Bossy, Slow, Lacking Emotion, Dull, One Dimensional, Workaholic, Predictable, Unhealthy Lifestyle, Obsessed or abusive to animals


With regards to numerology, astrology, chakras, crystals, herbs, flowers and essentials, I feel these are a personal preference and will depend on how one sees the Knight with regards to his elements. Is he Earth of Air as some suggest? Or is he Earth of Fire? Is he Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable? What direction does the Earth Element correspond to? North and Winter? Or somewhere else? Where does he fall on the Tree of Life? With Numerology some see him as the 6 on The Tree of Life, Tiphareth, Beauty, Balance and the Son of God. Ruled by the Sun, the Tiphareth is of the World of Creation and also presides over the Brai, 4th and 5th chakras. (Heart and Throat) Others see him as a continuation after the 10 and Page 11(2) as 12(3). Characteristics of the Knight in this regard would include those of: 1 (masculine) being The Magician, 2 (feminine) The High Priestess, 3 The Empress and 12 The Hanged Man. Some see this Knight being associated with the Sacral Chakra, which deals with the element of Fire and the color yellow. I have also found two different accounts of associated herbs. One being elecampane, a root herb associated with the lungs. It is an expectorant and helps with cough and clearing mucus from the lungs. The other is chamomile, which is a long lasting herb with many uses. Camomile is used to treat fever, insomnia, wounds, inflammation, and muscle spasms. It calms and soothes. For crystal associations I found Amethyst and Bloodstone. Amethyst calms and creates patience where as bloodstone detoxifies and purifies the blood.

I personally place no numeric value on the Tarot Court at this time, and see the Knights as Air. (This may change as I evolve.) I have also yet to discover how I feel about the elements with regard to being cardnal, fixed or mutable. I’m apt to go with cardinal. And for Chakras, Gemstones and Herbs, I feel that I must do more research to make a more informed choice. (as well as a future blog on this topic)

Just For Fun
Arthur Rickham 1912

With regards to Folk Tales I find the Knight of Pentacles much like the Tortoise from the tale of The Tortoise and The Hare. Slow and Steady Wins the Race.


The Knight of Pentacles is equivalent to the Jack of Diamonds in a regular card deck. This card is known as the Creative Values Card, A “wheeler-dealer” card. Birthdates for this card include Jan 16, Feb 14, March 12, April 10, May 8, June 6, July 4 and Aug 2. For more info on the Jack of Diamonds follow this link to The Cards of Life website.

How do you read the Courts of the Tarot regarding associations of astrology, kabbalah and numerology? Do you include chakras, crystals and herbs or flowers in your readings? If so, How? What Myth or Folklore do you recognize in this Knight? Please drop a comment. I’d love to hear others views.

Thanks for reading! Sending out wishes for a blessed and happy day of Tarot to All!

#internationaltarotday2018 #knightofpentacles

Tarot Images courtesy of:
Waite-Smith ’71
Thoth Crowley & Lady Frieda
The World Tarot ’06 Jessica Godino & Lauren O’Leary Raymond Burr as Perry Mason
Universal Fantasy Tarot ’06 Paolo Martinello, Lo Scarabeo
Shadowscapes Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore
Prisma Visions James R. Eads ’14 self published
Herbal Tarot Michael Tierra & Candice Cantin ’91 Lo Scarabeo
Labyrinth Tarot Luis Royo ’12
Nautical Tarot Jenga Garcia ’15


Exploring The Ace of Swords ~ Tarot Spreads

Wow! It’s been quite a spell since I last blogged here. I’ve had my nose to the grind in tarot courses. Studying avidly and molding my personal style. You can usually find me on Facebook. Where I’m busy crafting my tarot journey through eJournal, my page, The Taroz Buzz. My handle? @420Tarot of course! It’s a great place to better orgaize my study, practice and projects. I also spend alot of time in Facebook Community Tarot Groups. These are a great place to meet like minds and share tarot. I’m always seeking new insights into the Tarot. I’ve grown significantly from having the support of other group members.
Which brings me here today, to share a blog in a group project from Ethony’s Tarot Readers Academy Facebook Group. We are examining the Suit of Swords. This project includes creating a tarot spread for each of the Sword cards.
My card is the Ace.
I’m not going to go into details of the meaning of the Ace of Swords, just a list of correspondences and then straight to my spreads. Please pardon my sketching ability, this too a work in progress. And please feel free to comment with your thoughts and suggestions. Your feedback is appreciated.

Correspondences of the Ace ~
“I Think”
One/Masculine.- Seed, beginning, a bright idea
Swords – Mind, Masculine/Yang
Element – Air
Zodiac Signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Archangel – Raphael (East/Air, God Heals, Green)
Chakra – Crown (7th – Violet)
Gemstones – Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Moonstone, Sugilite
Time – 0° Libra thru end of Sagittarius (September 23 – December 21)
Conjoint powers of Venus, Mars and Jupiter
Tarot – Yes
Ace of Spades Birth Dates (53 card deck) – Jan 13, Feb 11, March 9, April 7, May 5, June 3 and today July 1

Tarot Spreads for the Ace of Swords

Although the Ace is often a delight there are times when it’s message is not so pleasant. Making what should be clear uneasy to decipher. So here’s a few tarot spreads to help you better understand the Ace of Swords and it’s message.

Whether it’s good news, a new idea, a spark of communication or an aspiring dream. (Crown Chakra or Injury) These spreads can help you cut through the bs and find the Ace’s best potential.


Sprouting the Seed
1) How can i best utilize this “new idea”?/
What information am I receiving?
2) What can I avoid to best grow this seed?/
What is distracting me?
3) What best feeds this seed?/
What I can focus on to grow this seed?
4) Outcome

5) *Bonus card – Enlighten My Crown (chakra)

James Dean as The Ace of Doom
Image from by Melanie Bacon

The double edge…
How to know when the sword is giving you the finger. Sometimes this ace is not so pleasant and could represent things like injury, surgery and apparent doom …


Talk to the Hand
1) What is thumbs up about this aspect of the ace? (Aye okay)Thumb
2) What I need to know? (Put my finger on) Index
3) What I can embrace?(guidance) Ring
4) What secret will be shown? (Advice) Pinky
5) How can I best heal/grow/move (F)orward from this? Middle
6) Outcome/(U)nderstanding Middle
***F orward U nderstanding

Ace of Swords for The Crown Chakra

The Ace of Spades is said to be the most spiritual card of the deck. The Boss card, a symbol of ancient mystery representing transformation.
Spirituality and the Crown Chakra include angel communication, divination, intuition and astral travel. Having a balanced Crown Chakra helps achieve enlightenment.

A positive affirmation you can use with spread ~
“Clear my thoughts and guide my words. Unblock and heal my crown. Show me truth and clarity from here on.” *repeat 7Xs

Stock illustration a watercolor by Elizaveta Ruzanova

Tap My Crown

1) Clarity, for knowledge/enlightenment ~ I Understand
2) Silence, how I can meditate/best silence my mind
3) Trust, how to honor and trust my intuition, beauty and forgiveness
4) Focus and Visualize, my best mind and train of thought
5) My Universal Connection
6) Peace and Serenity, my comfort zone, grounded and emotional contol
7) A Message from Spirit (set intent for guide, pack animal, angel, ancestor, deity…)

Additional information –
More on the Doom card

Info on the Ace of Spades as your birth date card

Not born today? No worries, find your card here.
The Cards of Life Birthday Chart

Citrus Magick

Ha! Procrastination has taken over again. I’m a little late for the Lughnasadh spread I wanted to create, although, I may still endeavor the challenge. Especially because others are gathering for celebrations this weekend here in the states, therefore, I do have time. Ah, a blessing in disguise.

For now I’ve decided to join another weekly photo challenge. This weeks Elemental theme has inspired me and sparked my creativity. I do not have that magnificent shot. I do have a pleasant photo of my personal “Citrus Magick” that I’m going to share with y’all.



Just a little orange that fell from the tree early this year. When this happens I sometimes cut them up and infuse my water. The hubby likes to eat them. I’ve been looking forward to creating a magical citrus candle and this weeks photo challenge has inspired me once again to ante up and get in the game.

I’m impressed with myself and feeling blessed. I’ve created a workable candle from my favorite fruit!
 I chose this image for this weeks photo challenge because I relate all the elements (air, fire, water, earth and spirit) within this image. Air helps keep the flame going, without it there would be no fire. Fire is the obvious. Water is the juices of orange. Earth is the orange, the product of our labors. Spirit is very present here as well. Many blessings have gone into the care of growing this orange, not to mention those in the crafting of this candle along with my intent and will. Which is exactly what makes it Citrus Magick!

Yes I’ve got game!

The Mad Collector


I’m just now getting around to putting these 13 decks back in their place. Yes, I do love to procrastinate!

I did gather them and place them all with their respective deckmates right away, however, I left them sitting in stacks in a clear plastic tote until now.

I must say that the splashing about process was much easier than the regrouping process. (*wink)

I truly enjoyed this exercise and have grown from it. Creating this collage finally got me blogging, I’ve gained a better sense of the type of card stock that I prefer (sturdy!) and while analyzing these card stocks I’ve become inspired to write a deck review or two. The latter prospect will have to wait for a spell, baby steps for now. I’ve also gained an awareness of just how spoiled I’ve become.

At the start of my tarot journey I had two decks, The Wildwood Tarot and The Sacred Circled. I was grateful and happy with just the two. About a year in, I acquired The Rider Waite Smith and Thoth decks, mainly for learning purposes. I wasn’t quite grasping the card meanings from the Celtic versions.

I then moved on to The Green Witch Tarot. This deck was most helpful to me. I really connected with it and was able to pick up on the card meanings with ease.

My next deck was The Silver Witchcraft Tarot. Although this deck took me a bit longer to connect with, I was happy because I purchased it from someone that I truly admire and respect. I felt honored to have a deck that once belonged to my mentor.

My tarot deck collection was slowly growing, adding next, The Tarot Illuminati, again for learning purposes. I had won a tarot course and this was the recommended deck for use and I understand why! My comprehension of the card meanings truly blossomed with the use of this deck. I’ve become a huge fan of the deck creators Huggens and Dunne. I’m especially drawn to Kim’s writing style and Eric’s artwork is beyond gorgeous! I’m looking forward to adding their latest deck, Tarot Apokalypsis, to my ever growing deck collection.

I’m not quite sure what happened after this…

Pure Madness!

I now own close to 50 decks! It’s crazy! I’ve truly gone mad! I barely use these decks! I only read for myself lately. (Aha! Writing this  has sparked yet another idea! Stay tuned…) I feel grateful yet spoiled for having so many decks. Seriously, how many decks does one witch need??? Not only has my deck collection multiplied but so has my book collection!

It’s Madness! I tell you! Pure Madness!

And I’ve even started yet another collection…



Me silk? I’m more of a cotton kind of gal. Maybe some leather and lace.

But silk, why silk?

I read somewhere that silk was the old school material for protecting tarot cards from negative and outside energies. Old school it is! And hey, why not silk!?!
I like it! This is one of my best manifestations yet! I’ve acquired some beautiful silks and I’m not done, tarot decks as well! I still have a wishlist to manifest…  

I love this life and all that it has to offer! I’m enjoying it to the fullest!!! I’ve always been a simple low maintenance kind of gal. The little things are my treasures. The handmade gifts from my children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, sisters and grandmothers are my favorites!


I’ve  come to learn that “Anything is Possible!”, “The Sky is the Limit!” and “I’m Worth It!”.

Yes! I’m worthy of life’s finest gifts!

So Why Not!

13 Decks ~ A Collage Within A Collage


This is my first blog! I’m a little excited and a little nervous. I’ve been waiting for just the right topic. Although there are so very many…  I procrastinate and am never sure of myself. This weeks photo challenge has given me just the inspiration I’ve been looking for! I love photography, collages, and tarot! A perfect opportunity for me to get in the game, the blog world that is.

I’ve created a collage of 13 Tarot decks. While editing, I zoomed in on the top left corner and the strangest thing happened…

A smaller picture of my photo appeared on the left hand side of the original photo. How cool is that! I don’t know how this happened as it has never happened before. I tried a few more times to see if I could figure out exactly how this occurred. Nothing.

A mysterious fluke I guess…

Although I like to think of it as something more than that. A sign from spirit. A sign that this is my call to get in to the blog!

So here I am!

Got game!?!


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